Croisette publishes unique industrial report


25 november, 2020

Today, Croisette Real Estate Partner has published a unique market report for the industry segment in Swedish urban regions. This report reviews and analyses the market for industrial properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne. The report shows that the total vacancy level for industrial properties is lower than for offices in central Stockholm.


Croisette has mapped more than 8,000 properties with a total lettable area of 31 million square metres. This report shows that the industry segment has major potential going forward, with both rent growth and declining yield requirements. The primary driving forces behind this are structural in nature, such as the massive increase in e-commerce and conversion of business areas close to urban areas. These are helping to drive low vacancy levels, and the demand for industrial premises is increasing at the same time.

"This report is unique. As far as I know, no one else has ever compiled such a complete analysis of the entire industrial market. At the same time, the report confirms something that we have been talking about at Croisette for a number of years now – that light industrial real estate is about to find its value upgraded. This trend has been clear in Stockholm, but we are now perceiving major potential in the Skåne market as well, particularly Malmö. Anyone reading the report should ask themselves whether it is justified that the yield level for industrial properties should be so much higher than for other segments in these regions"

- David Almqvist, Co-Head of Transactions, Croisette Real Estate Partner


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