Croisette presents new Head of Digital Property Management & Administration

24 august, 2020

Earlier this year, Croisette launched a new business area by the name of Croisette Digital Property Management & Administration. The company would now like to present its new Head of Digital Property Management & Administration, whose name has been kept a closely guarded secret to date.



Croisette Digital Property Management & Administration offers administration services focusing on smart, efficient solutions. Peter Eriksson, who has been a Partner at Croisette Real Estate Partner for some time, will be responsible for the business area. Peter Eriksson has worked with Croisette’s transactions team in Malmö since the beginning. He has now worked with the team for almost five years and is now taking over responsibility for the administration and management business area. Before working for Croisette, Peter worked as Head of Property for HSB Skåne’s self-owned properties and was a market area manager at the BRF (housing cooperative) department.

"It is a privilege to recruit an internal candidate for this position, which is incredibly significant. Peter is the perfect candidate, given his knowledge of us as a growth organisation, experience of razor-sharp advice and experience and understanding of real estate owners’ perspectives. Peter is truly passionate about management and administration efficiency, so although we are losing a fantastic asset on the transactions team, we are gaining an even greater asset in our emerging management and administration organisation"

- Per Svensson, CEO at Croisette Real Estate Partner


Croisette recruited Elin Albäck before the summer and she started working for us in mid-August. Elin’s last job before joining us was as an administrator at HSB, and she has a total of six years of experience of real estate management and administration.


“I find it incredibly inspiring to be able to help develop the new initiative in respect of Croisette’s digital management and administration. After a number of years in the real estate industry, it is exciting to become part of such an innovative organisation,” says Elin Albäck, COO at Croisette Real Estate Partner.


“Although it is a shame to leave the transactions side of things and the team that I have helped to build from the bottom up, I am proud to continue my involvement in Croisette’s ongoing development and the building of the company. I am also pleased to tell you at last that Elin has now become part of our new business area. I know she has been highly appreciated in-house and among external clients in previous roles, and I am really looking forward to having her on my team,” says Peter Eriksson, Head of Digital Property Management & Administration at Croisette Real Estate Partner.

Peter continues:

"Digital property management and administration will provide real estate owners in the industry with a new dimension to their real estate ownership, which in turn will help to make both living and running businesses at out properties more attractive. Without a doubt, the synergies from our work will lead to better net operating incomes and happier tenants."

Management & Administration is looking for more staff and has a number of processes in the pipeline. Are you looking for a new challenge? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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