Croisette is restructuring and expanding its transaction advice operations


3 juni, 2020

Croisette Real Estate Partner is continuing to expand its transaction advice workforce by recruiting Erik Brandt and Hilda Stensson. The company is also looking for more personnel for Malmö, while transferring responsibility for the Swedish transaction advice unit to David Almqvist and Olle Håkanson Nobel, both of whom will become Co-heads of Transactions”. Per Svensson, Croisette’s CEO, will be taking over regional responsibility for southern Sweden.


Erik Brandt is being taken on as an associate and will be based at the company’s head office in Malmö. Hilda Stensson will be joining the Malmö office as an intern working for the transactions team.

"It is fantastic to see our growth continuing, primarily by taking on young people. Erik has had to prove himself alongside his studies, and we are very pleased that we have been able to entice him to join us in Malmö. We are in a unique position in that we adopt a considerably more long-term approach than any other company in the industry, and we continue to have faith in this strategy. That is why we are also really pleased to bring in Hilda to add to our stable of talented young staff"

- David Almqvist, Co-head of Transactions, Croisette Real Estate Partner


Restructuring of the organisation for transaction advice services at Croisette is commencing at the same time. David Almqvist and Olle Håkanson Nobel are sharing responsibility for Swedish operations as “Co-heads of Transactions”. And at the same time, Per Svensson, Croisette’s CEO, will be taking over regional responsibility for southern Sweden.

"I am really grateful that David and Olle want to take this step. Both of them have demonstrated an incredible ability to build teams and create business. I am absolutely certain that we will end up taking our transactions initiative to new heights and creating that seamless team extending throughout Sweden, with David and Olle at the helm"


- Per Svensson, CEO & Founder Croisette real Estate Partner


"We are pleased and proud that we have been entrusted with the task of taking over responsibility for transaction operations at Croisette and taking them to the next level. We perceive major potential for continued growth, not despite but particularly in this market. We have a clear vision of how this should come about, and we are looking forward to getting to work straight away and creating even more value for our clients"

- David Almqvist and Olle Håkanson Nobel.


Fredrik Dackheden is leaving Croisette as part of the restructuring operation.


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